Warwickshire County Choristers parents' page

Only for members, parents and approved supporters of The Warwickshire County Choristers

Trudy Baker is now the guardian for this site. The site is closed to all but approved parents and friends of the WCC. Those wishing to join will be allowed to only where it is clear that they have either a parental or professional interest.

Boy members will also be allowed access to this site, but only when parents have already joined and have given their permission in writing to Garry Jones, Director of the Warwickshire County Choristers.

The Choirs' performances include Christ Church and New College, Oxford, Symphony Hall Birmingham, Great Malvern Priory, St Mary's Banbury, and the Butterworth Hall, Warwick. First CD 'Bright Stars' produced 2010. Choristers Tour of France March 2010.

Selected for National Festiival of Music for Youth July 2010 and nominated by BBC Choir of the Year as 'Choir of the Day' on May 16th.