F-1 CubeSat blog

This is the place for people interested in F-1 cubesat - an educational satellite demonstrating the usage of several COTS components to be launched into 320km circular, polar orbit in the first quarter 2012.

Size: 10x10x10cm (1U cubesat)
Mass: 1kg
Structure: aluminum alloy T-6061
Power supply: body-mounted solar cells, supercapacitor or rechargeable battery for energy storage
Main and backup computers: PIC microcontrollers
Communication: 02 independent transceivers (Yaesu VX-3R) using amateur radio VHF & UHF bands, transmission speed 1200bps; AFSK & PWM CW Morse code modulation, KISS protocol
Payload: low resolution C328 cameras (640x480 maximum resolution)
Sensors: temperature sensors and 3-axis SDTM magnetometer
Attitude Control System: passive ADCS system consists of permanent magnets and hysteresis rods (TBD)

Targeted orbit lifetime: at least 1 month in orbit

Launching: on Interorbital Systems's maiden flight of N30 launch vehicle, targeted Q1 2012
Targeted orbit: 320km circular orbit