1...All members are asked that if they have several items for sale,please place in a album before posting,as this gives everyone a chance for their post to be seen. 2...Once your items have been sold or you have found what you are looking for,please delete your post. 3...Abuse and bulling WILL NOT be tolerated..offenders WILL be deleted from the group. 4...Posts can be bumped to the top of the page by typing "bump" on your post,but i ask that this is done no more then once in a 24 hour period. 5...The admins reserve the right to remove any inappropriate posts,pics or comments. 6...The admins are not responsible for members postings or misleading ads,non payment or non pick up. 7...If a seller/buyer has a complaint made against them more then 3 times they will be removed from the group. 8...If you wish to buy a item ,we ask you to comment on the photo first so as to ensure fair trading .We encourage first in best served but the final say comes down to the seller.
9...Please try to describe your item accurately also include pick up location..