Gwinnett County/Surrounding Areas Yard Sales & More

Live in Gwinnett county or the surrounding areas and need to sell something? List it here. Is there one certain item you wish you could find? Request it right here.Add your friends and good luck. Maybe you'll find that one thing you want at a steal!! Be careful and do not disclose any information you do not intend to make public. This is a public forum. The administrators reserve all rights to remove listings not in accordance with Facebook policy. Profane and vulgar language will not be accepted....... Happy bargain hunting and selling!

**If you have more than two (4) items to list, PLEASE make an album for your things. It isn't really fair to the other members that post to add a ton of pictures individually, pushing anything they posted to the bottom of the page.

**Any pics. posted individually (more than 4) will be deleted

**If you already have an album and want to BUMP it just comment BUMP under your album and it will bring it to the top of the news feeds.

**Please do not BUMP each individual item in your album. Just the album itself. If you want to add info. about the item please update the caption for the item and not under the comments section.

**If you have an item posted and you are not responding to comments and questions left for you within 72 hrs. you will be deleted.

**Please be certain of your asking price BEFORE you list an item for sale on this page. Changing your mind AFTER you already make a deal with someone will get you deleted. Please notify any of the page administrators if you are having a problem.

**Absolutely no work from home ads. Posting this will get you banned without warning.

This page was created for everyone to buy, sell and trade. Not for the promotion for your "parties" --Scentsy, body wraps, fake eyelashes and such--For those that still don't get it, this includes Avon, Mary Kay and any of the others. Please respect that and not spam the page. Any questions, just let me know :)LOCAL area businesses, please feel free to post!

I am getting tons of requests from people wanting to join the group. I try to keep this page as spam free as possible, but it's hard to check every profile before adding. In order to keep our page "clean" please report any spam stuff you see so I can ban the spammers. Thanks :-)

***New Rules-----NO selling of fake, clone or whatever else you would like to call them, handbags or other knock off items.
Absolutely no guns or related items. Thanks in advance!!