The Salty Box Forum FB Group

The Salty Box. A Non-Sponsored Marine Forum For All. Come and join in with one of the friendliest forums out there for info, chatter and laughs with like minded, knowledgeable reef lovers from all over the world.
100% Free All The Time.

This group page is set up to compliment and promote the forum. A place to chat about all things marine and reef related.
It is not a free equivalent of Ebay or such, so please don't post on the group page with sales items etc. unless they follow the rules for the page as stated below.
We are happy to allow sales/swap/wanted/free to a good home posts here ONLY when a link is supplied to the appropriate sales thread on the forum.
Any posts not following these rules will be deleted without notice.

***We now have a policy of one strike and you're out. Everyone who tries to ignore the rules a second time will be removed from the group. This is due to far too many members repeatedly ignoring the rules and reminder memes telling everyone to read the PINNED POST.***

Please see this link for the selling rules and regs that relate to selling items on our forum:-
Links to eBay auctions are not permitted. This is to protect our forum members who are trying to sell their items via the forum.

Links or plugging posts to any other FB groups are not allowed.
Links to shops/stores/businesses that are not registered free advertisers on the forum are not permitted, thanks.

Slating comments referring to other groups and forums will be deleted. We are here to work with, not against, other groups and forums.

Most other things go on here, but flaming, personally insulting and keyboard warrior style behaviour is not our thing and won't be tolerated. Members found to be using this form of posting will be removed from the group. This is a no abuse group that follows the forum stance on this. Zero tolerance.
Thank you!