Branches St GSIS Village Project-8

15 July 2009, Wednesday.

This group was created in hope to reconnect all "kids" & "pioneers" who grew up, resided or still residing in Branches Street GSIS Village, Project 8 Quezon City. Though this group is marked private, this group is open not only to former & current residents of Branches St. but also to the kids and 2nd,3rd.... generation kids whose parents grew up at GSIS Village.

Branches Street in GSIS Village was (hope still is) an all time old fashion neighborhood with strong sense of traditions and "samahang-kapatid" or brotherhood/sisterhood fellowship that goes-on up & down the block. One thing that stood out among others in the neighborhood in the village, was that most if not all kids who grew up at Branches Street were carefree, full of laughs, and block parties were reoccurring theme and sure to attract out-of-towners. Sources says that this tradition still lives on :-)

For those of you who just joined this group, please do share your fun memories living at Branches St. or GSIS Village. And if you have any current news to share -- weddings, baptism, etc, please do share. And of course if you have any dug-up "treasures" from your "ba-ul", do share. Photos and Videos are more than welcome here [but no uncompromising photos please :-) , baka ma-cancel tayo ]

Hope to hear or see more of you mga "Anak Ng Lansangang Branches" dito sa group natin.

Thank You and Salamat po!

Regina Sobejana Yep (aka: Ate Rosie / Rosie)