Very Proud Free Lebanese

VPFL Welcomes all its new members, and reminds everyone that we always need active members to join our board of directors as partners, if they have the time and energy to sacrifice for our country.
VPFL is an NGO, against all political parties and all the present politicians for their corruption and continuous failure to bring stability and prosperity to Lebanon.
• To attain a sovereign free independent home land, Lebanon for all its citizens.
• Become a non sectarian government and pass a non sectarian election law.
. Grow the group, members and directors.
• Demand for the peaceful closing of all political parties for the duration of 5 years in order to give the government the time and chance to rejuvenate.
• Visit public figures and politicians demanding a back up to our plan. Their views and opinions will be posted on our website.
• Prepare for the next parliament elections.
• Organize public events.
• TV shows and Press Conferences.
• Awareness through Social media; Facebook, Twitter and Website.
VPFL does not overestimate its chance of success, yet believes we are one pioneer NGO trying to unite the country, working on approved plans of group decisions.
VPFL also believes that without risk, there is no heroism and there is no history.
IMPORTANT: VPFL Facebook Social media team reserves the right to remove any post or comment without any warnings. Destructive words, foul language, praising a politician or political parties are against VPFL rules.

The present board of directors for VPFL are: Nabih M. Tabbara, Dania Nakad, Pascale Samman, Salwa Dabbous Hashash, Rola Halaby, Ramy Ichrakieh, Albert Zakhia, Wassim Ghandour, Daniele Aramouni Gerges, Rala Bekdach, Rima N Jaber, Tony Ata, Walid Noshie, Samia Tabbara, Ralph Massabni, Rabih Nassar, Fadi Ghalayini, Saleh Chedade, Soulaf Hage Kabbara, Nada Kaddoura, Rana Khayat, Abed El Kader Tawil, Jihad Marwan Kabbara, Fouad Dabbous, Bahjat Salameh, Rola Dabliz Fattal, Khaled Merebi, Amer Wassef Koleilat, Amer Halabi, Imad Al Omar, Pierre Dawalibi, Asma Dabbous, Layla Hage Ali Fakhreddine, Rania Mikati, Mahmoud Adra, Dani Rafael, Fadi El Far, Muriel Martin, Rand Tabbara, Hisham El-Fenej and Nada El-Sayed