Duke TiP East Writing With Power 2009 - Term 1

WPOW! ... with great passion ...

Term 1 2009 -- We put the POW back into WPOW!

Overheard in WPOW

"The door is having an identity crisis." -Heather

"Dancing refrigerators...rainbow ponies..." Ward

"Wait...so that's where the pig came from?" Joyce

"I went to jail, where they never give you apples. Ever." Jacob

"I stared, mesmerized, at the intricate interweaving of Micky Mouse and small children." Nick

"Warren rhymes with Megan." Heather

"Ward...what are you drinking?" James

"Joyce farted." Riley

In response to the above: "Riley, how old are you?" -James, Julia, and the multitude of the class

"I came here to creep you out." Nick

*The sound of Haley hitting Nick with a heavy book*
"I bestow upon you the power of vocabulary"

"Did you hear of those serial killers who eat their victims?" Jacob
"But isn't that unsanitary?" Nick
"Notice how the only problem he has with it is that it's unsanitary."

"I mean, with Riley and Nick being spastic and Jacob being such a perv all the time, and Joyce and Rachel and their crazy selves, I'm sure the first day went very un-smoothly. Add in the absolutely nuts Haley and Ashley, and the class is starting to seem very ADHD."-Trish