Cornish Pony Portraits (and Help For Heroes)

Hi everyone!

So this Christmas I've decided to attempt to set up a mini equestrian portrait venture...

I'm offering pencil sketches or watercolours of your horse/a friend's horse/or simply a horse that you admire, starting at £13 (pencil sketch) and £17 (watercolour) for an A4 size. For larger sizes please contact me for more information.

The charity Help for Heroes (which I'm sure you've all heard of, but please see the link below) is very dear to my heart and from every sale I make I will donate 1/3 of the money to this charity - so for every £13 sketch I sell I will donate £3.90 to Help for Heroes so they can continue the amazing work that they do.

I will mainly be working from your chosen photograph of the horse you would like drawing, but I can also arrange to come and take some photos for you to choose from.

I am also willing to send portraits in the post to those of you living slightly further afield than West Cornwall (let's face it, most of you do!) and I will send them Recorded Delivery so you can be assured they will arrive in tip top condition!

Also if you know anyone who might be interested, please add them to the group!

If you have any questions at all, or want some more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch either via Facebook, my email ([email protected]) or my mobile (07791830069).

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jenna x