ELINKS _ "Nasir Group" (Gazipur)

The history of ELINKS GLOBAL began when its Founder and Chairman, Mr. M. J. ALAM Joined a MLM company part time based in Malaysia 1996 and he doing very well in network marketing business, even better than his traditional business as he build more than 8 years. He found that network marketing business can help lot of people to change their life easily. He improving his life style and helping many others to develop their financial freedom in his network business.

He determined to help his own country people. Than year 2008 he find Malaysian Professional IT expertise to join with him together. They build with a vision to help the Bangladesh people, wherever they are, to live a healthier, more beautiful and more prosperous life. shared a common dream to enhance the living quality of the Bangladeshi people by means of facilitating and providing opportunity to encourage the emergence of independent business entrepreneurs, who in turn will be able to support and contribute to the welfare and prosperity of their communities.

To realize this vision, they created a spectacular network marketing system, which promotes equality and fairness in profit sharing with all networking members who are willing to work hard and put all their heart and mind to build and develop their own marketing networks in this business. Persistence is the key word to achieve their dreams of having a successful business and living a more prosperous life.

The company’s vision can be seen in the company’s brand ELINKS. First of all, ELINKS GLOBAL’s main products are bio-magnetic therapy products. The company’s long-term vision to become a global company, in which this dream will be realized through active contribution and commitment of its networking members, wherever they are.

Three years have almost passed since ELINKS was first founded. Nevertheless, during these years ELINKS GLOBAL has proved its commitment to assist each member to become independent and excellent entrepreneurs. ELINKS GLOBAL offers a business opportunity that is incomparable on this planet. At present, ELINKS GLOBAL has had markets in other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, and some European countries like Italy, England and also United States of America. Needless to say, you will make the right choice if you join ELINKS GLOBAL now and make it your vehicle to realize all the dreams you have dreamed so long before.

In addition, the name ELINKS GLOBAL MARKETING LTD itself, Which is the sister concern Elinks Group of companies Ltd. The ELINKS brand. Therefore, The name Elinks Global Marketing Ltd. implies the company’s vision to facilitate the emergence of capable and excellent business entrepreneurs.