PRAYER: Heavenly Father, there's a faithful person out there whose body is trembling. We know it is an affliction, Lord. Just as Jesus explained how a man was NOT blinded out of sin (John 9:3), I must be open to the mysterious conditions on this earth through which Your works can be displayed, as there are many thorns that are not apparent within gaping wounds (2 Corinthians 12:7-9). Whether for the purpose of a miracles OR shining examples of perseverance, Lord, I know your works to be for the good of those who love you (Romans 8:28). As the body quivers, the mind grows desperate and weary from anxiety. You know that it is a prime opportunity for Your enemy to exploit, Lord, in order to break a disoriented spirit. Yet, Lord, there's a person faithfully crying out to You for peace. God, when a soul fights the good fight in Your name, I know You to be faithful. May it be Your will, Lord, for healing? I believe in Your miracles, Lord, just as I believe in Your will and purpose. If it is not Your will to bring healing at this time; then I just praise You for Your love. Your comforting love is sufficient, as Saints have proven throughout the ages. Oh, God, how many times did they praise You in the face of peril and destruction? Lord, at this time, I embrace Your strength for the soul that is being challenged through a troubled body. For what we cannot understand about Your creation, the flesh in which we have been placed; I TRUST IN YOU. For what remarkable physicians cannot sufficiently treat; I COME TO YOU. For what I cannot endure on my own; I REACH OUT TO YOU. Thus it is so, Lord, for the faithful person whose body is in rebellion. I praise You for being there. Lord, may you bless this prayer by its deliverance to all in need AND all who are voluntarily prayerful on their behalf. May you hear the prayers of the multitudes who read this prayer, as they join with me in lifting up those for whom this humble prayer applies. Be glorified by our blessings, Lord, as we are nothing without You. Amen!