Blandford Nature School Class of '89-'90

This is a group for all the '89-'90 class members of Blandford Nature School in Grand Rapids, MI.

Mr. Gillette and Mrs. Beckman were our teachers. Mrs. P. and Mrs. J. were the assistants.

Remember Magic Spots, Wildflower tea, collecting sap, making maple jack by pouring syrup into the snow?

Tours for the younger kids at the Nature Center: Stay on the trails, Stay off the rails, Stay by me, Speak Quietly!

The song and gestures to remember which oaks are which: Know, know, know your oaks/By the way they grow/Red oak, white oak, burr oak, pin oak/That's the way they grow!

The camping trip to Ludington, the Chicken coop, capture the flag in the fog, etc.

Feel free to add any photos below!