Topsham Area Yard Sale Online

Your junk is someone's treasure. Save gas, time, and recycle your stuff right here in the Topsham area! Add things you want to sell or wish to buy.

Want to join the group? You can wait for one of the admins to honor your request, or you can ask your MEMBER FRIEND to add you.

Please review the rules for smooth shopping are under "files".

*To search for an item or older post, click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner and type in a keyword or words! If that doesn't work go to your own page and under "view activity log" scroll down until you find the photo the item you posted.

To bring, (or "bump" ) your post to the top of the page, comment with "still available", " reduced price", or something like that.

1. Photo Tabs ( At top, near About, Events, Photos, Files)
2. Click Upload Photos. If you have more than a couple items make an album.
3. Find Photos in your computer (hold ctrl and click each photo to get multiple photos downloaded at once
4. If you have 1 picture or an album already, go to Photos Tab at top of page, scroll thru albums, find yours ( It is helpful to title them instead of leave the date) Then click on your album, Then click : "add photos" (Top right beside "tag photos")

To DELETE an album, go to photos at top of group page, click on the album, then click on delete album. You can delete individual photos from an album when that item is no longer available, just click on the photo and go to options at the bottom.


OBO: Or best offer
PPU: Pending pick-up
BUMP: Bring up my post
EUC: Excellent Used Condition
NWT: New with tags
NBW: Never been worn
ISO: In search of

If you do not have mutual friends in the group and/or an obvious connection the the Topsham area, your request to join the group may be denied.