the stepping stone guide towards independence and beyond.

So it begins from my tears to action, actually doing something positive from those tears. My comrades and me are meeting to form a group to ensure Westminster do not renege on their promises of more powers. We will hold a meeting and discuss what we can do, it'll be a small start and hopefully other groups form and they will do the same the length and breadth of Scotland. We need to create web pages, we need organisation but most of all we need YOU the people of Scotland. This is the grassroots movement, which I do not claim to speak on behalf of, though I played a part, continuing to grow and flourish. We may have been cut down a bit but we are still here helping and nourishing each other and will only grow stronger. Take heart my fellow Scots and know we are with you and always will be, let us make our own vow, one not to be disregarded as lightly as those made by Westminster. The wording will come from US the people now let us go make it happen.