Sg 2ndhand Car Garage Sales!

❣ Welcome to SG 2ndhand Car Garage Sales! ❣

This group is created for you to have an ease of selling, buying and blessing of any Car parts!

✘ Strictly NO Bidding / NO MLM Allowed
✘ Strictly NO Pre-Orders allowed
✘ Strictly NO advertisement or Services Advert
✘ Strictly NO Sharing of personal album
✘ Strictly NO Selling of Other items except for Cars and accessories only
✘ AVOID any disputes or disagreements
✘ PRANKster & Nuisance sHaLL be REMOVE if you name is pop up to the admin
✔ Please state complete description and PRICE in your post. BE REALISTIC in your pricing * Picture without DETAIL/PRICE shall be deleted without prior NOTICE *
✔Only Serious Buyer and Seller allowed
☺ .::PLEASE DO!::. ☺
✔ DELETE items that are SOLD.
✔ CREATE ALBUM FOLDER(only on PC) IF you have more than 3 things to sell, do not SPAM individuality item on every post. Maintain ONLY 1 album.
✔ CLICK individual picture for more information
✔ UP/BUMP your ALBUM periodically.

~ "UP" = Up Post
~ "BUMP" = Bring Up My Post
☞ Failing to comply, ADMINs reserve the right to DELETE any irrelevant/offending posts without prior notice.

☞ Disclaimer:
Admin of SG 2ndhand Garage Sale is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any of the contents posted by members and dealings between members in the group. It is SOLELY between seller and buyer.

Please be wise in your transactions and practice due diligence as we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any dispute/fraud case. In any case if this happens, please settle it amicably.

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2nd - Ediit setting on How You Connect
3rd- Who can send you Facebook messages?- Change it to (EVERYONE)
Lastly- Saved it!

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Thank you all for making this group a better place for all ! Happy Shopping! ^_^
Purchase at your own risk, admin wont bare any mischievous..Cheers!