COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Vehari

COMSATS Vehari is an incipient campus operative since November 2009 where students are motivated to spruce their abilities. Market oriented courses, Referenced Assignments, hindering Plagiarism and scrupulous presentations fabricate students to compete better in their professional career.
CIIT Vehari offers each student a future of significance- not an education of mere prestige but also providing opportunities to its students for sprucing them mentally and physically. And for that certain guilds are made that are responsible to arrange different extra-curricular activities like Sports Club, Adventure Club, the Debating Society and Magazine Committee, thus student’s time at CIIT can never be dull and it may be a challenge to decide which to join. Whatever their level of expertise, they can become involved in any club or society that interests them. For students, CIIT intend to arrange industrial tours to experience an environment of Industries.