Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company

The Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Inc. was founded and organized on February 18, 1963 by Don Daniel L. Mercado, Sr.. It's corporate goal is to help channel dormant private capital into the country's infant industries utilizing 100% Filipino capital

PPLIC's early years of operations were considered as a challenging phase but now, it has grown in name and stature over the years, moderately but surely - expanding its operations not only in the metropolis but also in other parts of the archipelago.

Starting with a small number of policy holders in 1963, it now serves more than 1.3 million policy holders that translates to over P3.5 Billion insurance in force. No wonder it has gained a reputation of being among the most reliable insurance companies in the country.

As a matter of fact, it has recently acquired Berkley International Philippines Life Insurance Portfolio. A company that has over P100 million worth of reserves, 300 individual insurance policies, and over 80,000 certificates of group life insurance.

For barely five decades now, the company has been instrumental in bringing into the consciousness of the people the value of preparing for life's uncertainties - an objective that has been anchored on the idea of securing the future. Indeed, PPLIC has come this far, and it has pledged in the past that it will continues to serve for the best of the Filipino people through maximum efficiency, solidity, permanence, and reliability.