Mini Pig Education

A place to learn about miniature pigs, how to choose a rescue, how to choose a breeder, responsible breeding, proper care, etc. We are NOT vets, medical advice should ALWAYS be a consult with your vet!! Please do NOT place ads to sell piglets in this group. There are plenty of other groups for that. Pigs needing rescued or rehomed are ok.

Attention breeders/ people posting about breeders: (example in comments)

Unless you can Show PROOF of adult AGE (4-5 YEARS old) and weight ON a scale, do not be posting about your pigs that are under 40 pounds.

If they can do that, then you can post it. If you can't, stop claiming it, or get the heck out of this group.

Asking for proof of what you are claiming is not rude. If you have pigs that size, proving it shouldn't be a problem!!

Even better, breeders, send testimony from your customers that bought a pig from you 4 + years ago, they can weigh their pig on a scale, and share their weight. If you don't have pigs that age, you don't know what size they will be when they are adults. So, again, stop making claims unless you can truly back them up.