Douglass Appreciation Group

Deniece Douglass.
A Teacher.
A dreamer.
A storyteller.

Here at Immaculate Heart High School Mrs. Douglass is a lioness of mystery, a temptress of truth, a wombat of wildness! She prowls her classroom for artists whom she wishes to give praise and students she wishes to bring vision to!

She shall creep behind you, yes you, young sappling, as your mind is immersed in a painting or pencil drawing of psychological immensity and DISTRACT YOU with her INTERESTING LIFE.

Remember the time she went to Japan and got bitten by a coy fish?

Or the time her former husband and her stopped off in that shady house and talked with the spiritual lady who told her the angels had messages for her but Douglass turned down the message for fear of what it might be??!!!!

Or the occasion in which she dressed up as Cyndi Lauper and tricked the school into not knowing it was her?????!!!!!?!??!?!?


This is the group in which you can commune with your fellow Douglass veteran, reminisce, gripe and generally appreciate the strangely amazing woman that she is.

The motivation to create this group was when the AP students of 2011 and I were talking about shirt designs for our own little AP Art shirt that we would design for ourselves, and realized we wanted to illustrate all of her stories onto a hoodie. Thus we wanted to record these stories here, on a common server, and possibly get stories from you that we've forgotten or that she has never told us. So please please please, write all you want!

-Madelyn Forrest
AP Art Student, '11

With the loving help of my fellow AP Artists of '11
Adele Jackson
Jasmin Kim
Lily Clark
Sofia Furandeez