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Optometrists, Opticians, those they employ, Optometry students, industry and publishers are welcome. RULE #1 - don't bum anyone out; no haters. RULE#2, no posts on partisan politics, and no posts on religion. RULE #3 - NO discussion on ABO certification. RULE #4 - Job postings are allowed only by OD's. RULE #5 - Posts the editor feels are detrimental to the profession of optometry from a public image perspective will be deleted. Rule #6 - ODs can promote business interests if they include commercial interest if the business is not a multi-level marketing business. For non-ODs, promotion of services or products is allowed ONLY in response to a query posted by a member of our site without commercial interest. Corporate entities may initiate posts/queries as sponsored posts only but MAY respond in the “comments” section to threads that mention their brands. RULE #7 - Group members who knowingly advance the agenda of banned members will be removed from the group. RULE #8 - Posts that contain a suggestion, express or implied, that others should change (typically increase) fees will be deleted. The administrator of this page assumes no liability for posts of this nature. Admin assumes no liability for posts by members which violate Facebook's or HIPAA policies. The administrator reserves the right to delete any posts that he feels are in violation of the posted guidelines. Rule #9 - Your profile that you request membership under must be your real name - no monikers allowed. Rule #10 – Dr. Glazier reserves the right to remove anyone from the group he feels is not engaging in the spirit of the conversation or makes hateful, hurtful or racist comments, trolls or encourages trolling. Members creating fake profiles and interacting in the group using fake profiles will be removed without warning. Rule #11 - anyone using the group as a lead generator/PM'ing members abt products or services will be removed. Rule #12 - no posts asking for medical advice for family and/or personal friends by non-ODs! There is liability for Doctors who proffer medical advice on line so please if you have an eye issue go see your optometrist. Rule #13 - Job posts are allowed by ODs for ODs but only if the OD is an owner of the company seeking the employee. #14 - Dr. Glazier reserves the right to delete comments posted by companies, representatives of companies or individuals with commercial interest in products and/or services that are damaging to the products and/or brand of a direct competitor.

Dr. Glazier’s commercial interests include: CEingIsBelieving Virtual Conferences, EyeCarePro, CooperVision, Iristocracy, Everseat
Remember, that this is an open forum; people inside and outside of the profession may acquire access to content you produce. Companies wishing to sponsor the group or promote products or services contact Dr. Glazier by email at [email protected]