Why Should I Buy Your Product or Service?

The purpose is for everyone to share their website or business to get viral exposure and traffic. The GOAL is to EARN MONEY by sharing your business product or service for viral exposure and traffic.

Everyone will earn money if you're honest and truly believe in your product or service. Relationships and TRUST is critical for you to have success online.

As long as you give excellent value and your product or service is reasonably priced. It's WIN-WIN for everyone.

But the only person who will know that, is the person that's looking at your message you posted. It's their decision, and every one has the right to voice their honest opinion.

We will conduct ourselves as respectful and professional business people and when necessary, RECOMMENDING a group member's website to someone that is interested. This is called courtesy and guess who will come out smelling like a rose. YOU! YOU! YOU! Good Business!

Helping one another is very beneficial, let's make this a functional group that will be known for helping others and we can all prosper when we work together.

How it works:

Step 1 - Tell us what is your product or service?

Step 2 - Description: Be brief and honest, list the benefits and whatever pertinent information you want to share.

Step 3 - Cost: How much is it?

Step 4 - Add your website or business link.


It is recommended that everyone who makes a post visit a minimum of 1 website or more (your choice on how many you look at) then you should leave a comment about the website and what you liked about it or didn't like about it. When you leave a comment, this will begin the interaction. When you post your ads they will be seen in group members news feed and this will give you viral exposure for your ad. This is the VIRAL capabilities of Facebook and the BEST PART IS YOU'RE GETTING VIRAL exposure and targeted traffic when someone clicks your link.


What the goal here is for people to see your website and we help each other to earn an income online, if you have given an excellent description this is what will happen.

This will drive traffic to your website and you can communicate with others in the group and get to know each other better. RELATIONSHIPS IS KEY IN BUSINESS!

This group will be a place for you to share products or services, and meet friends and build lifelong relationships, and grow your business too.

Please read the Admin Announcement located in the FILES TAB at the top of the group wall.

Terri Pattio
Creator and Admin