Pretoria East Crime Prevention

Pretoria East Crime Prevention (PECP) is a Section 21 non profit... company dedicated to projects that enhance crime prevention in South Africa, specifically the Eastern suburbs of Pretoria. Members of PECP are volunteers who have a passion for crime fighting, and work without remuneration. Our board presently consist out of following portfolios (directors): Chair & Vice chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing, Logistics & Contracts. Presently we are in the process of applying for our Section 18A tax certificate from SARS to further be able to assist our sponsors who donate to our cause. For more info please send an email to: PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to advertise on our page you need to ask permission from admins, failure to do so may result in your posts / you being removed from the group. Content is to be limited to PTA / crime prevention and should not infringe on any ones rights!