Don Pedro Listings

This is to sell your items .This can be used to advertise a business if you have a sale for the community or are giving them a discount .If you are a new business in town feel free to post here for one week, but after that week you must remove your posts. If you have a charitable event advertise here for free. Events for community free advertise here. Each realtor may put one property or house on here every week for free. If you make something you may sell it here. Please delete old posts, thanks! If you don't abide by rules you may be deleted this is a family site no porn, foul language or other illegal acts or just causing problems! This group was made to unite and not divide. This is a great place to inform community of what's going on! Please no bashing of people if you have a problem please contact me.This is to get rid of things you no longer need or want to someone else. Due to problems I have edited this group so I must approve any new comers, but most likely will approve anyone who hasn't caused problems! If problems have been caused you may need to contact me about being deleted I know we can work things out! Thanks, Have Fun!!!