Chamberlain Garage Sale Online

A place to list items you want to SELL, Give away, or Buy In the Chamberlain, SD Area...
Elaine Kennedy
**EVERYONE, Please read these rules and check back on occasion for revisions***
1.) Please use this page for it's intended purpose. This is not a social site or a chat room. Please use comments section to inquire on more info , not for general socializing)
(groups sites are easily cluttered so let's please stick to the forum)

2.) Posting about your business will be accepted, HOWEVER- if I feel there is "outbidding" and members purposely trying to steal business or "out-do" or disrespect another business alike, your ads will be deleted.

3.) Please list items in Chamberlain,SD and surrounding area only.

4.) PLEASE give a detailed description of the Item you are selling, giving, or looking for. Include photo(s) if you can. People are going to ask dimensions, condition of item, etc. PLEASE consider posting this information from the time you post your photo. The more descriptive you are, the less questions people will need to ask.

5.) IF SELLING, INCLUDE YOUR PRICE!!! (someone is gonna ask in comments right away, so just be upfront)

6.) Please DO NOT post the same item more than one time. If you want the post to be seen again, simply make a comment on it saying "Still available". Everytime a post is commented on it cycles back to the top. This is referred to as "BUMPING". .
**PLEASE DO NOT "BUMP" YOUR POST MORE THAN ONCE PER DAY. Posts that are overly "bumped" will be deleted by administration at their descretion.

7.) PLEASE, after an item is sold, given or found.. REMOVE YOUR POST!!
You can find all of your posts by using the box at the top right of the page that

8.) INTENTIONALY SPAMMING THE WALL WILL GET YOU PULLED FROM THE GROUP! This includes posting the same add over and over... REMEMBER: once is maximum per add............

9.) YES, it is ok to list your Rummage sale .. PEASE DELETE THEM WHEN THEY ARE OVER!

10.) Promoting your business will be allowed in the judgement of the creator. (Following the rules of what may not be sold on this site). Please use your best judgement when posting your business. Creating your own page is strongly encouraged. Posting your business several times in one day is not allowed, much like any item you are posting, "bumping" more than once per day is not acceptable. Please note, business promoting may be banned on this particular group in the future under the condition is overwhelms the sites intention.

11.) BE KIND, No profanity! RACIAL comments will NOT be allowed and you will be banned from the group.

12.) REMEMBER! "A DEAL IS A DEAL!" if you say you want something, then be sure and make arrangements to get it. Have your cash in hand and be there when you say you will... People's time is valueable!
If someone says they will take the Item you re selling, It is done- no selling it to another.
****** The timeline for waitng for someone to get back to you is 24hrs***
this means if a potential buyer makes an offer on something , and you comment back that they can have it. you need to give them 24hrs (longer if you wish) to have time to see the post... from there it is up to the partys involved to decide when pick up arrangements will be. If a party does not stick to the arrangemnents made or make new arrangements that can be agreed on , the other can choose to relist..

13.) Please don't make your comments on someone elses Item your new place to sell something, make your own add.

14.) When possible, use Personal Messaging to keep the comments from filling the page. If you are asking about the item , ok use the comments. If you are telling the person about another one you saw elsewhere or something not pretaining to the Item originally listed, Then use Personal messaging...

15.) IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE IMMEDIATE CHAMBERLAIN AREA, please only make deals with people if you have someone local that can handle picking up or dropping off items in a timely manner. If you are selling and not in the area MAKE IT KNOWN IN YOUR ITEM DECRIPTION!!! Again, This is a Chamberlain based site...

16.) No price bashing.. asking if they will take less is fine. But commenting that the price is too high is just your opinion. If you don't like the price someone is asking, don't buy it and refrain from commenting.


18.) NOT TO BE SOLD!!!- Smoking utensils- Illegal or not (pipes, bongs, etc.) Sexual utensils and fire arms are also prohibited from being bought or sold on this site!


I know the rule sheet is getting a bit long, but we need to have some guidelines to keep this running smoothly so it is a pleasure rather than a pain.
I am sure there will be more guidlines added as issues arrive, but lets keep the fun of "one man's trash is another man's treasure" goin here!

I am in no way responsible for transactions you make here, I simply created this page to bring you all together to make finding things easier for all of you. I will not be a referee.... transactions are between YOU and the other party. However, if you have problems with members here I would like to be inboxed by you and let me know the situation. I will consider the banning of members if they have had too many complaints or if they do something extremely out of line.

When you join this group you will want to edit settings so your email does not fill with every comment from the group..

I Hope this page proves usefull to all of you!!!!!
Elaine Kennedy