Saucier, Buy and Sell

This is a site to buy and sell new or gently used items. You can "bump" your album once every 24 hours. Please be courteous to others with your response time. Please use your judgment on buying and selling, I can not make someone sell you something or give you your money back if you are not happy. Once Item has been sold please remove post. .
Have fun :)

How to post an album:

from your computer: click on the photos tab-- then upload photos.
Select photos to upload ( as those are uploading change the date to your name so you can find it later)
Once those are done uploading , enter description and price in the box under the photo... then click upload

FROM A MOBILE PHONE: Log into facebook through the phone browser -- NOT THE APP...... once there check your menu ( or where you log out) and click on desktop view.... Once there you follow the steps for uploading from a computer.