Intellectuals and Academics

This Group is for intellectuals and academics and friends of academia and 'truth'-seekers, primarily for posting and sharing anything to do with Analytical
Philosophy, Mathematics (abstract, theoretical or applied), Theoretical/GuTheories in Physics, and Mathematical Logic AND how those 'BIG 4' of Academia are ESSENTIALLY interconnected at their seams and intersect in each field's DEEPEST 'region'. I will post almost dailly on such four areas, please try also yourselves and be polite with each other. Please do not share 'mainstream' information in any of the above mentioned fields of inquiry-unless they beg theoretical questions that are pure academic in nature: try to ask deep questions and pose conjectures and hypotheses and let the debates 'begin'-please respect the Academic Code Of Debate (that applies to University Debate Teams), and do not commit any of the over 40 logical fallacies in logical inferences (please Google 'Logical Fallacies' and note them down)/If you would like to be an administrator of this group, just message me; be FRIENDS and share your intelligence, knowledge and areas of expertise with each other/thank you