stratford and area mommy online garage sale

Hey everyone just wanted to make a group for moms in Stratford, Ontario and area to sell anything they need to get rid of and wanna make a little money off of it :)

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE VERY SIMPLE RULES WE HAVE -- makes for the group to run a lot more smoothly and keeps confrontation to a minimum! (REWRITTEN FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING.)

1. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Whether it is a comment or a PM (personal message) who's ever came first should get first "dibs" at the item -- it is recommended to comment AND pm so there is less confusion, it is NOT required, but it helps! (36 hour wait is usually the best wait time as not every one is able to make it onto Facebook as often as others)

2. BE HONEST ABOUT SMOKE and PET FREE HOMES. It cannot be masked, and it is not fair to others to lie about these simple things. Some people have SEVER allergies to one or the other.

3. NO POSTING ANY ADS OF ANY SORT!! BIG, LITTLE, HOME ect. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. ("hobbies" and "crafts" you do in your spare time pertains to this rule as well)

4. NO REPOSTING OR BUMPING PHOTOS OR POSTS. Please post your photos ONCE, and do not like them or comment on them to bump them back up to the top. If people want your item they will find it (there is a search bar at the very top right, its a little magnifying glass, click it and enter keywords of what you're searching for.) IF you are changing the prices of items please just comment with the new price once a week, not daily.

5. BE AWARE OF NEW CAR SEAT RULES AND REGULATIONS. Please search online if your seat meets the proper guidelines and regulations up to date. I do check into EVERY car seat posted on here, and it just saves me some time in doing so.

Everyone will be reminded of the rules once, after that I will remove you from the group, sorry, I know seems harsh, but there are FIVE rules. There are a lot of other groups that have many, many more rules so this isn't a lot to ask for.
Thank you for understanding, if you have any questions please PM me. Make sure you comment and tag me on this post if you message me so I can be sure to check my "other" folder.