The Boom Room Poker League

For all you awesome people who were tired of the same old boring cash games, it's official......we now have a league offered to all the people who said they were interested. Again, we can always play cash games in between weeks if available. I'm thinking the last Friday of each month. If someone thinks we should do a different Friday of the month, let me know. Read the document I have posted and please feel free to post extras you guys feel will help make this thing a success. Then post IN or OUT if you want to do the league or not. I need everyone's input to make this work and I will post stats and winners on this page every month as well to make this entertaining. Once everyone agrees on a system and we have enough participants, we will start. I'm thinking the last week of April (Friday April 26th). PS.....anyone who thinks the league name needs to be changed, you must pay for rights. LOL.