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Modi's speech in Trichy... 7:25 pm: Narendra Modi
concludes his speech.
7:23 pm: Modi thanks Tamil
Nadu crowd for giving him new
strength to him as well as his
7:22 pm: We will not break the
faith you have bestowed upon
us. Whatever strength we have,
we will use for your welfare, Modi
tells crowd.
7:21 pm: Those who know Tamil
Nadu politics as well as India
politics, can make out that
change is coming.
7:19 pm: I have visited Tamil
Nadu earlier too, but have never
seen such huge gathering in my
whole political career.
7:18 pm: Free nation from
Congress and those associated
with it, says Narendra Modi.
7:17 pm: More than you and me,
if someone knows the Congress
better, it is Mahatma Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi's dream was
that the Congress be disbanded
and we have to make this dream
a reality, asserts Modi.
7:16 pm: We have to save the
nation and if we want to take it
ahead, we need Mukti from this
divisive Congress.
7:15 pm: Congress divided people
on the basis of caste and created
rifts. Their divisive thoughts
separated villages from cities and
made the former fight with the
7:14 pm: Every citizen fought
together in 1857, but under
Congress, Hindu and Muslims
were divided: Narendra Modi
7:12 pm: For water, the divisive
Congress made one state fight
against the other. In the name of
language, Congress made the
nation fight and divided it.
7:10 pm: Man Se, Vachan Se,
Karm Se Congress divisive hai.
Congress also divided
administration, underlines Modi.
There is separate status for
Kashmir because of Congress.
7:09 pm: When the SC raised
these points, the PM must tell
nation that did all states and
departments Aadhar?
But you just spent huge money.
You need to answer nation for
7:08 pm: What the Supreme
Court said today, I raised the
similar point three years ago. I
told him to convene a National
Security Card meeting, consult
Chief Ministers, but he did
7:07 pm: I made a point that
Gujarat is a border state. If you
keep dolling out Aadhar cards
like this, illegal immigrants will
get an upper hand.
7:06 pm: Two days ago, a
Supreme Court judgement came
on Aadhar, which rebuked the
government. The government had
been touting the scheme as its
big achievement. Nation wants to
know from the PM how much
money was spent on Aadhar
card? Who gained from it? What
about the questions the SC
7:05 pm: Can we not change all
this? They only want to do
things where there is corruption.
Things of public welfare do not
interest them (government), says
7:04 pm: Due to the
government's policies, plants
producing 20,000 MW of power
are not functioning because there
is no coal and gas, says Modi.
7:03 pm: My young friends, avow
that you want a life of dignity
where you get work: Narendra
7:02 pm: Those lakhs and crores
of small must be
encouraged so that our youth get
jobs and they do not have to
bow in front of anyone, says
7:01 pm: At the centre of our
roadmap for development must
be the youth, their talent must
serve the nation: Narendra Modi
7:00 pm: The big industrialists
are losing the bank money, but
have you ever seen their
photographs in the newspapers?
But the photograph of a small
businessman, who can't return
Rs 1-2 lakh, is published in the
newspapers and he is driven to
6:58 pm: Due to the policies of
the Centre, all our industries are
shutting down. Look at Bharat
Heavy Electricals Limited in
Trichy and the ancillary units
that are shutting down. The govt
in Delhi wants to please the rich
industrialists and harass small-
scale units.
6:56 pm: Experts are saying that
if this situation persists for next
five years, crores of will be
unemployed, underlines Modi.
6:55 pm: There is a government
that has weakened the Rupee. If
this goes on, we will need a
microscope to find the Rupee -
6:54 pm: There is a Government
in Delhi that has weakened our
economy, rendered it useless,
says Modi.
6:53 pm: We have a Government
due to which our women are
safe, our Jawans are unsafe, our
fishermen are not safe. Our first
job is to remove this government
that has created this atmosphere
of insecurity.
6:51 pm: Mr Prime Minister, you
are in USA. The nation wants to
know your priority - Is it nation's
pride and respecting the blood of
martyrs or is it to show keenness
to talk to Pakistan under
pressure from other countries,
asks Modi.
6:49 pm: Edward Snowden was
accused of leaking intelligence
secrets. The American
government wanted to arrest him.
Russia gave shelter to Snowden
but US President Barack Obama
showed his strength and
cancelled his trip to Russia.
6:47 pm: I want to mention two
facts. Brazil got to know about
the US surveillance activities and
refused to meet an American
delegation. Is it not a matter of
pride what their Government did
for the nation, asks Modi.
6:46 pm: Pradhan Mantri ji (Mr
Prime Minister), this is not mine
or BJP's voice, this is the voice
of the youth of Trichy.
6:45 pm: I want to ask you and
need and answer - our soldiers,
innocent people have been
killed. Terror strikes are troubling
us. Is this the time for the PM to
be in a hurry to talk to Pakistan?
Crowd says no.
6:44 pm: Every citizen asks are
we so weak that our neighbours
can do what they want and we
keep our eyes shut and don't
react, says Modi.
6:43 pm: What is the reason that
Pakistani troops kill our jawans
on the border and the
government in Delhi cites
protocol to feed the Pakistani PM
6:42 pm: (India) A nation of 125
crore. I am shocked that people
from Italy can come and kill
fishermen off the Kerala coast.
The Pakistani Army can behead
Indian soldiers: Narendra Modi
6:41 pm: One feels sad and angry
that there is such government in
Delhi that more soldiers have
been killed by terrorists' bullets
than in war, says Modi.
6:40 pm: If Gandhi ji is from
Gujarat, Raja ji is from Tamil
Nadu. When Gandhi ji started
Dandi March, a march from Trichy
started for making salt, exhorts
6:38 pm: Gujarat is a cotton
growing state and Tamil Nadu is
a state that consumes maximum
cotton from Gujarat - Modi in
6:37 pm: Now Pakistan even
keeps the boats of fishermen and
uses it to trouble India.
6:36 pm: Pakistan is taking so
many fishermen, keeping them in
jails and torturing them. Same
goes for Sri Lanka. This is
because neighbours take us for
6:35 pm: Be it Gujarat or Tamil
Nadu, Kerala or Karnataka, we
have to protect our fishermen
and for that the first thing we
have to do is to remove this
weak Government.
6:34 pm: Modi notes that as
coastal and border state, we have
similar problems. Gujarat
fishermen (with Pakistan) and
Tamil Nadu fishermen (with Sri
Lanka) face similar problems.
Delhi does nothing.
6:33 pm: People of Tamil Nadu
and Gujarat have mingled with
each other like sugar and milk
without any problems with each
other - Modi
6:32 pm: While you have a mini-
Gujarat Sahukar Pet, we have a
mini-Tamil Nadu in Maninagar,
my seat, says Modi.
6:31 pm: Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
share many common features.
Both states played leading role in
freedom struggle, says Modi. As
Tamils came to Gujarat to make it
Manchester of India,
Saurashtrians contributed in
Tamil Nadu.
6:30 pm : Modi praises Sangam
literature and says he's inclined
towards it.
6:29 pm: Products of Tamil Nadu
competent in national and
international market. Top
software companies and many
masterminds are from Tamil
Nadu, says Modi.
6:28 pm : Due to hard work and
dedication of the people, Tamil
Nadu is one of the most
advanced states in the nation,
says Modi.
6:26 pm: For Tamil people,
workplace is worship place.
Tamil is not only one of oldest
languages but also one of the
few living ancient languages,
adds Modi.
6:25 pm: With the help of a
translator, Narendra Modi hails
Tamils are hard working, sincere,
royal and loyal.
6:22 pm: Tamil is such a
beautiful language, it is as sweet
as honey, says Modi in Tamil.
6:21 pm: Some days back, there
was an attack in Nairobi. So
many Indians lost their lives. I
request two minutes silence for
those who lost their lives, says
6:20 pm: Before I begin, I want to
talk about something. Today
terrorist attacked our security
forces, Jawans were killed, says
6:19 pm: : Greeted with loud
cheers, Narendra Modi begins
addressing the youth convention
of the party at G-corner grounds.
It is Modi’s first visit to Tamil
Nadu after he was appointed as
BJP’s prime ministerial