The new club website is live at ... Suffolk Five Rivers Agility Club is open to all abilities and all breeds of dogs; from Lurchers to Papillons. We have been running as a club since the 1980s so there is plenty of experience and knowledge available for handlers.

Agility tests both the Dog and Handlers ability to communicate clearly and quickly with one another whilst maintaining control and obedience. The courses comprises of several items of equipment ranging from jumps through to weaving poles and see-saws. The end objective is to complete the course without penalty faults in the fastest time, and of course WIN!!!

Members find Agility a rewarding and valuable form of training for their dogs. Helping to improve general day to day activities with your dog from sit and wait through to distance handling.

The Club meets at the 'Orwell Arena' Levington near Ipswich on a Monday and Wednesday evening. All training sessions are held indoors providing a safe and controlled environment for those new to Agility. Sessions range from coursework and practicing those vital weaves through to full course inter club competitions. Experienced handlers take the evening sessions handing down tried and tested methods of training, however were all open to new ideas and practices.

Suffolk Five Rivers are also available for Fetes and Events, where we will put on a display of agility, and can also provide 'Have a go' sessions. See More