IBC of Keeseville Youth Group

Hi Everyone, The Youth Group will be having a sleep-over this Friday March 30th other starting at 7:00pm and ending Sat. about 1:00pm. The girls will be staying at the Hilpls house, and the guys will be staying at the IBC Church. The students from the Word of Life Bible Institute will be leading discussions on Christian dating, modesty and purity through the eyes of God. Don't worry, we will have fun too - it won't all be a lecture! Girls, if the weather is o.k. we may be going horseback riding. If your parents give you permission and you bring the form (which you can get from Mrs. Hilpl), we will take turns on my two horses. If you are allowed to ride, please bring a shoe or boot with a small heal, old jeans, and a jacket. (I think it is only going to be in the low 50's Sat. and we will be outside for a while.) I have several helmets, but if you have your own please bring it. I can only let you ride if your parents give you permission, so please talk to them and bring the waiver form with you. If your parents have questions please have them call me. Guys, Mr. Hilpl and Mr. Raudenbush will meet at IBC at 7:00pm on Friday. You will be heading to the Port Kent Beach for a bonfire and other activities. Bring warm clothes. You will be sleeping over at the church. The following is a list of things that you should bring: sleeping bag/ pillow
towels if you want to take a shower
guys - air mattress - the floor at the church gets pretty hard!
girls - I have two couches and two double futons, but several air mattresses will be needed as well
guys - soccer ball, foot ball, Frisbee for beach
snacks and drinks to share for Friday and Saturday (please eat dinner before you come!)
Breakfast contributions for Sat. morning. No contributions, NO breakfast! The following is a list of things we will need for each group. Let me know what you can bring.
1. eggs
2. potatoes
3. milk
4. juice
5. cheese for scrambled eggs
6. bread
7. anything else that you would like to share for breakfast (muffins, donuts, etc.) The sleep over will end about 1:00pm Sat., so please make arrangements to be picked up. We WILL be having Youth Group Sat. at 6:00pm Please e-mail or call me and let me know by THURSDAY if you are coming or not. Feel free to bring a friend. I just need to know who is coming. If you do bring a friend, maybe bring some extra food for them so we have enough. Let them know what to bring so they have a sleeping bag, etc. Girls, please let them know about permission for riding if they would like to ride. I know this is a long email, but please share it with your parents so they know what is going on. Again, please CALL me to let me know if you can attend and what you are bringing for food. Thanks! Mrs. Hilpl