Phi Delta Phi Blackwell Inn

Group for Phi Delta Phi members and alumni of Blackwell Inn based out of Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia.

Since 1869, Phi Delta Phi has chartered 197 student Inns in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, and Europe. The Fraternity has initiated over 200,000 men and women, with about 3,000 new law students initiated annually.

Blackwell Inn Officers 2011-2012:

Magister Crystal Friend JD 2013
Vice-Magister Joe Birchfield JD 2012
Treasurer Lucy McGee JD 2012
Secretary unknown JD 2013
Historian Akiah Highsmith JD 2013
Blackwell Inn Officers 2010-2011:

Magister Eugene Belenitsky JD 2011
Vice-Magister Ashley Kuly JD 2011
Treasurer Tripp Hunt JD 2011
Secretary Joe Birchfield JD 2012
Historian Crystal Friend JD 2013