Shawna's Beauty Talk

Heelllloooo ladies!!! :D

For starters, I am Shawna (Hart) Fenog...lio. I'm happily married to my husband (Steven) for 6 years. Steven and I started our biggest journey in January of 2015 with becoming foster parents. This past year has been absolutely amazing with our foster children. We currently have 2 boys(3yr & 18mth) and 1 girl(9mths). We are so happy to say that we will be adopting our sibling group- 3yr old boy and 9mth old little girl- in about a week!!!! Then we can post pictures!! :D

I joined up with Younique in September this year for several reasons. I had bought the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from a friends party and seriously y''s like CRACK for tired mamas!! <3 LOL!! I was hooked instantly! I became even more interested when watching how much fun the presenters were having just playing with makeup. Before agreeing to sign up, I learned a little bit more about the company and that's where they hit me straight through to the heart. The Younique Foundation! Helping women who were sexually abused as children to heal and preventing children from being abused. One in four girls are sexually abused. The Younique Foundation believes in healing the one and protecting the many. This is not just fantastic makeup.... it's fantastic makeup with a purpose!! :D Feel free to browse my website!