Vegan Fashion, Home, and Health Products

This group is for people interested in developing a cruelty-free lifestyle. It is the companion group to The Vegan Food Enthusiast. Few of us - if any, were born into a vegan home. Each one of us, has his or her own awakening and journey. Implementing a vegan lifestyle has never been easier. We live in an exciting time where many new and dynamic cruelty-free products are brought to market. This friendly group is to share ideas, stories of our journey, product information and to offer one another support as we move to a more enlightened and entirely cruelty-free way of living. Thank you and welcome! ♥

Two companion groups:

"The Vegan Food Enthusiast" - A group devoted to sharing vegan recipes, ideas and food information.

"Effective Vegan Activism, Strategy & Support" - A group dedicated to supporting and mobilizing people who have a desire promote veganism in their daily lives with special emphasis in 3D life.

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