Utah Motorcycle Riders

Welcome to Utah Motorcycle Riders... Have a look around!! We all share at least one thing in common...two-wheels and a motor, preferably a HUGE motor! Anyone is welcome to upload a photo or a copy of the most recent charity event, Breast cancer awareness, Ride for Kids... you know the drill. This is literally an information board for current rides and events in the greater Utah area. If you love to ride, and are looking for people to ride with.... welcome Home! The goal of UMR, is to gather state-wide information and inform everyone of the events and picturesque rides we have in Utah's canyons, back-roads, and surrounding areas! If you are new to riding in a large group, you are welcome to study up at www.utahmotorcycleriders.com. It's not the most updated or beautiful site... but you'll be hard pressed to find more information all in one place concerning cornering techniques, group riding, riding 2-up, canyon and freeway riding, suspension setup, riding strategy... etc. Come out and Ride with us... We would love to have you!!