Hogg's list. Share your experiences with local businesses. .

Here is a place for you to tell others about your experiences, positive or negative, with businesses in and around Big Spring. Find a good deal somewhere? How about some good/bad customer service? Find a rip off in town? How about a good meal? Heard of new businesses coming to town or current businesses moving or leaving? Tell the rest of us about it. Please keep your comments CLEAN. Our goal is to inform, not offend. If you have receipts, estimates, photos or anything tangible please add it to your post. Thank you all for joining. (To the lawyers: Posts made on Hogg's List belong to the individual posting them. While we encourage and expect members to be honest and truthful in their posts, neither I nor any member of Hogg's List make any claim as to the substance and legitimacy or lack there of for any post on Hogg's List.)