THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE is a destination for anyone who is flexing their imaginative muscle with loving persistent daily dedication and wants to share results with other like-minded souls. Whether you are a visual artist, blogger, dancer, poet, lyricist, singer, musician, scientist, entrepreneur, teacher, yogi, knitter, philosopher, or peacemaker, your images, performances, writings, or thoughts are welcome here.

You may not have hit your stride yet in BEING CREATIVE EVERY DAY, but developing and deepening your IMAGINATION is possible through perpetual, loving habitual PRACTICE. Just as you brush your teeth each day or perform any other daily habit, so can you draw that vision, pen that poem, produce that song, play that instrument, express that thought, knit that whimsical structure, construct that idea, and kick your feet up in dance! Welcome from Ruth Schowalter, creator of The Daily Creative Practice