Women In Trucking Association, Inc.

Women In Trucking Association Mission Statement

Women In Trucking was established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.

The organization is an active group that finds opportunities to promote the accomplishments of women in the industry.

This organization has been created for you, both men and women, who are either involved in the industry, or have a career interest in being a part of one of the largest networks of professionals in North America. Nearly one out of fourteen workers are already employed in jobs that support the transportation industry, but the need for drivers and other trucking professionals continues to increase.

RULES OF POSTING - No Vulgarity -No Cursing - No Flaming - No Disrespect - No Bashing. Posts containing the above will be deleted by admins. Please Remain Civil -Debate the issues not the person. Keep posts and photos trucking related and appropriate for all members. No advertising, except by corporate members, without Women In Trucking Association permission.