CUNY Babbitt Tribute, 5/10

Dear all, There's another CUNY Babbitt concert this Friday, 7:30, in Elebash Recital Hall. The program is: None but the Lonely Flute
Patricia Spencer, flute
Steven Beck, piano
Zachary Bernstein, piano
Karen Rostron, violin
Judith Bettina, soprano Intermission Composition for Four Instruments
Patricia Spencer, flute
Charles Neidich, clarinet
Joshua Modney, violin
Christopher Gross, cello Soli e Duettini
William Anderson, guitar
Oren Fader, guitar More Melismata
Christopher Gross, cello My Ends are My Beginnings
Charles Neidich, clarinet and bass clarinet Swan Song no. 1
David Fulmer, conductor
Cyrus Beroukhin, violin
Christopher Gross, cello
Arthur Sato, oboe
Barry Crawford, flute
William Anderson, mandolin
Oren Fader, guitar