KMPDU (Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists' Union)


41,550/- !!! ($500) Per month is what you get after 5 (FIVE) INTENSE YEARS OF GRUELLING, ENERGY DRAINING, STRESSFULL, INTIMIDATING & BUSY TRAINING in the medical school. The TRUTH has to be TOLD in BOLD. Kenyans have to know; we can’t keep on hiding of being ashamed to state the PATHETIC & APPALLING WORKING CONDITIONS & TERMS OF SERVICE of Kenya’s young doctors.

Starting from the life of a medical student, to the level of an intern doctor - who are practically the most charged, most over-burdened; to the hustling medical officer and ending with the totally oppressed and voiceless registrars (EGO BEING CRUSHED EVERY MORNING!), paying and working without a salary!

This is THE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Because of PRIDE, doctors are afraid of stating that they earn 41,550/- ($ 500) per month. A graduate from the school of commerce and any other respectable institution earns a starting salary of >50,000/- per month, with it topping >90,000/- in the next 6months. It is un-imaginable for a doctor’s salary to increase at this rate.

Kenya has approximately 5,000 doctors as compared to 250,000 teachers who are currently earning an approximate of 40,000 per month. With simple extrapolation, the Government can afford to pay these doctors at least 100,000/- per month.

A medical officer has to literally come back to school for further a 5(five) years for them to at least jump to the 90,000/- bracket!! Believe me, I need not to tell you the post graduate training experience in Kenya. Due to the limited number of government scholarships (about 5%), many medical officers enroll for postgraduate training as self sponsored, with no pay and no other source of income as the training is full time!

The average intern doctor works for a total of 86 hours a week (an average of 12 hours a day) for 41,550/- ($ 500) p.m. In some occasions, one is on call for >36 hours consecutively. The pundits keep telling Kenyans that malpractice is on the rise. This is a direct culmination of years of un-imaginable working conditions and terms of service iced with demoralization for the graduate doctor.
Kenyan doctors are the most hustlers in Kenya. Leaving our country for greener pastures (like our predecessors have done) is NOT the cure. We want to serve the common Mwananchi and improve our health indices, hopefully making it one of the best in the world. A pay of 41,550/- ($ 500) is however, UNJUSTIFIABLE & an INSULT to the professional healthcare provider.

Our watchdog body is headed by extremely well paid, senior consultant doctors who have self actualized. They have simply lost touch with the hustling graduate doctor on the ground .

Time for lip service is over. ACTION BECKONS………

…………Our many years of silence and professionalism has borne us no fruits. It’s time for us to take control of our future………