Blackfalds Opinion Posts

Opinions are like ass holes, Everyone has one! this does not mean you need to be one!!


[uh-pin-yuhn] Show IPA
a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

Opinions about public groups, organizations, businesses, towns, cities, corporations ext. that provide a public service are welcome, Please try not to single out one person, or use Names to single out a person in a negative way.

Please do not attack people for having an opinion you do not agree with, feel free to give your own opinion and disagree, but don't tell someone they shouldn't have the opinion they have, or question that opinion, Even if we all stay with in the guidelines but a conversation is getting out of control it will be removed.

Also don't put down an opinion, If someone wants to complain that they didn't get very many marshmallows in there cereal box let them, they do not need to be told to focus on bigger issues.

Please keep your home and private life to yourself! We don't need to know about your personal drama! These posts will be removed.

If I feel your trying to sneak around the rules , I will remove the post.

This is not a site for ads! No buying, selling or iso posts! This includes but is not limited to buying and selling events such as trade shows etc. NO advertising!!!

Family fun or community events are welcome

Posts about Lost, stolen, missing- items, persons, or animals, are welcome .

General questions are welcome (with in good taste, and the rules)

If I feel you are causing more harm than good to the group you will be removed.

Also if there is an issue YOU feel needs to be addressed Please PM an admin things get missed and or over looked from time to time, Thanks!

The views and opinions on this page do not reflect the views and opinion of all members. And members can not be held accountable for any out come good or bad related to an opinion posted on this group.