We the People of West Virginia TEA Party

Part of the nation-wide TEA party movement stemming from
www.teapartypatriots.orgOur complete Mission Statement:

We The People of Jefferson County, WV, are a group of Patriots concerned about the encroachment of the government into our private lives. We are united in our goal for the purpose of educating ourselves and our community about the history of our great nation which was built upon God-given and unalienable rights.

In order that we may maintain those freedoms granted to us by our Creator, we strive to serve our community by defending our freedoms, encouraging patriotism, shedding light on our elected and appointed government officials, and supporting those in public office who are upholding our nation's values. We consider it important to seek and support like-minded individuals to run as candidates for public office. It is our hope that our efforts and the efforts of similar groups across the country will result in returning to strict and respectful compliance with the Constitution of the United States.