Friends living outside Tenino City Limits

Kim, thanks for letting me join the group. Just to clear things up, I am not the administrator for the Friends of Tenino Web Page (, nor am I Administrator for the Home Town Tenino facebook page (!/profile.php?id=100002501303408). Some users of both sites have been very supportive of my candidacy and I have used them extensively.
I don't discriminate businesses that I support by there involvement with the Chamber, if anything I believe that the Chamber needs to provide a better service to businesses. I had nothing to do with the organization of the OTD parade beyond being in it, I did help the OTD get some publicity but only because of the fact that the Tenino Yellow Bicycle Project was used to help draw some attention to the town that day.
Mrs. Schott I deeply sympathize with your experince of that incident. I too believe that we deserve better than that. The few volunteer firefighters that are a part of that dept are good hearted and only wish to help but quite often politics and inneffective leadership get in the way.
The only connection I have to the Fire Service in Thurston County is that I teach and certify Firefighter's for local fire dept's throughout the county if they choose to send their members and have them certified and trained. I understand that neither of you live within the city and are not city voters, I however appreciate and welcome your opinion and participation. The City decisions do effect you and despite your inability to vote your opinions are important. Sincerely,
Wayne Fournier…