This is the original Terrace Buy & Sell group created for local people within our region to access. The rules are fairly simple and clearly laid out and they apply equally to everybody to keep our group running smoothly. If you were removed recently, it was probably due to breaking rules that are clearly posted for ALL members to see. With a group this size, warnings are no longer issued. Feel free to send an admin a message.

Small local businesses, home-based businesses, local non-profit organizations are welcome to advertise here as well, just not all of your stock or inventory. It's free advertising to 12,000+ members:) Due to members requests, this group is not intended for larger businesses to advertise (i.e. large chain stores, department stores, large auto dealerships, etc).

There is a LOT of activity here due to the membership size. Please be aware of this in advance if you strictly use a mobile device (you will need to log in using a web browser like Safari or Chrome). The same rules apply to everyone regardless of how they log in. The rules can be found by clicking "Files" at the top of the group's wall.

In this group, it is buyer/seller beware, however known scammers are removed (with proof). This group is also drama free. People who troll posts with no intention of buying, or try to sabotage other people's ads for fun are also removed.

We're here to post upcoming community events (pretty much anything that can benefit community members), to post lost/stolen items/pets, and to serve as a venue to help those who need donations and to buy and sell.

Feel free to message a group admin should you require additional info. Click "Members" and then click "Admins". Thank you.