NETTLEHAM Buy it, Sell it, Swap it, Gift it

This group is for the people of Nettleham and surrounding areas to buy, sell, swap or gift household items.

Please enter area and price on your description so buyers are aware.

Please remove items once sold.

If you are selling lots of similar items e.g. toys or clothes, please put the photos into an album to avoid clogging up the newsfeed.

Please do not "bump" your items for at least 3 days.

Please do not post any adverts for recruitment, animals, guns, fake goods, copied DVDs / CDs, or items requiring a license to sell (ie. alcohol).

Local businesses/event organisers may advertise but please keep this to a maximum of 1 post a fortnight as this site is primarily for household items.

Admin do not interfere with any disputes between buyers / sellers.

Breaching any of the above guidelines may result in posts being deleted or members being removed from the group