Hartbeespoort Marathon Club

About Us
Hartbeespoort Athletic Club was established 4 September 1984 to suffice in the need of the Hartbeespoortdam community for an athletic club. Shortly after the founding the club was affiliated to the then Northern Transvaal Marathon association and the Hartbeespoort Sports Union.
During the first year of its existence the club has grown its membership to 69 enrolled members. The club presented 2 races during its early years. Firstly there was a 10 kilometer race which started at Santa Fè. This event was held on 9 February 1985 and approximately 200 runners participated. But the prestige race was the 13 kilometer Hartbeespoort Mountain race which started at Karel street with the route going into the Magalies mountain. This race was held on 24 August 1985 for the first time and approximately 300 runners participated.
The first Committee and the founding members of the club was as follows:
Willie du Preez (Chairman), Grobbie Grobler (Vice-chairman), Hennie Steyn (Secretary), Oom Mokkie Louw (Treasurer), Oom Frits Odendaal (Club Captain), Lizzie Cooke (News Editor), Hannes Steyn (Statistician), Flip Steyn, Eddie Cooke and Oom Willie Gottschalk as other members.
Today the club is a non-racial, non-profit making organisation providing a focal point for athletes in the Hartbeespoort area. Although road running is still the main focus of the club, the club aspires to becoming a multi-sport club also encouraging its members to participate in other disciplines such as walking, cycling, swimming and trail running.
Hartbeespoort Dam – place of beauty and pleasure
The Hartbeespoort Dam, surrounded by the majesty of the Magaliesberg mountain range, is a popular destination for weekend getaways or day trips. Hartbeespoort, the name of the dam means "pass of the hartbees" (a species of antelope) in Afrikaans.
The town of Hartbeespoort lies right on the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam, basking in the sunlight on the slopes of the Magaliesberg and comprises the villages of Schoemansville, Kosmos, Melodie, Ifafi and Meerhof. Hartbeespoort was previously known as Schoemansville, named after General Hendrik Schoeman.