SU (AIT) Official

Welcome to SU (AIT) Official Facebook Group. This group serves as the official mode of exchanging information between AIT students and SU representatives on Facebook. This group will offer all updates from SU and also all events happening around AIT campus and important matters related to AIT and its students as a whole.

As students of AIT, you all are free to post valuable information and experiences related to AIT community. Join our group and we will appreciate your cooperation.

For all your complaints & suggestions for SU, please join and post your concerns on our SU (AIT) Complaints & Suggestions Facebook Group at

Please note, SU (AIT) Official Facebook Group reserves the authority to remove any offensive or abusive posts, any spam and anything not related to AIT from the group news feed. Also if any complaints or suggestions are posted in this group, they will also be removed and the related person will be asked to post to the complaints & suggestion group instead in order to keep the group news feed free from junk posts and to make sure important updates remain visible to the group members at times when they need it.

Thank you.
SU (AIT) Team