This group is an educational resource that enlightens people to the identity, life and practices of Italian-American culture, specifically the endangered species known as the "goombah." The goombah is the Italian-American "homeboy," "goodfella," or "good ol boy" among usually urban Italian-Americans who have retained some vestige of his culture. The goombah loves Italian food. He is usually a big guy (he loves his Italian food). He is often very expressive, demonstrative, and even loud with his mannerisms, language, hand gestures and colorful personality. The goombah is a hard-working, family man who loves respect and honor and gives it to those who deserve it. He is a man of faith and seeks to do the right thing. The goombah is his own man among other things that you will learn about here at the goomba culture center of goombah folk wisdom and wit.This is your central information center for the latest in goombah culture and goombah studies. Today is the day to release your inner goombah.