Alexandria Sell,Swap and Trade

Use this page to Sell, Trade or Buy new and used items.

*****Selling and trading is at your own risk, admins take no responsibility for sales.

****It is very strongly advised NOT to post your phone#’s and rather do that Exchange of information thru the FB inbox/messaging or your email system.


**If you do have a problem with something, feel free to Private Message us. Don't take it upon yourself to take care of the problem or bash another person. We are all adults!

If you would like to sell an item, write a clear description as to size, color, etc along with the price. Once your item has sold, please REMOVE the picture and you're good!

You can invite or share the group with those you think would be interested in the Alexandria Area Swap and Shop.

Reminder to double check your Group settings (again upper right hand corner)

If you want your item back to the top, comment on your own post to bump your post to the top of the thread IF you have not sold it! Either type the word - bump or comment on YOUR own post with more information. DO NOT repost the same photos, it clutters up the page. Please only bump your items every 24 no less.

Again, we will not be micromanaging people's posts. We are all adults and should be able to act as such.We realize from time to time things will come up, please take care of all "issues" offline. We are not going to be babysitting what you are posting but please use your head. Treat it as a local online garage sale! It's a good way to clean your house making your junk somebody's treasure without paying fees. Just remember it is between the buyer and the seller to meet and exchange. Have fun!

Your Administration, Tonya Malvin and