Quesnel's Best Buy-n-Sell

Please READ BEFORE POSTING!!!!!! *This buy and sell is different then others!!!
(start your OWN photo ALBUM with your name and just add new items to the photo list to keep you items together,easier to delete photos when items are sold). DUPLICATE PHOTOS WILL BE DELETED!

Failure to comply with group policy will mean being deleted from group.

Home business listings welcome (located in Quesnel)
Garage Sale Listings welcome (for the week that it is on)

ALL private listing accepted.
limit commercial ads to ONCE A WEEK.(OR IT WILL BE DELETED)

When Listing Include: description, Asking price(avoid asking just for offers,buyers like to know approx how much the seller is looking for), contact info.use photos when possible.
Of course remove your listing when it sells-thanks.

PICTURES: Hover your mouse curser over a picture to read the description as most people title the pictures with the price that way.